Meet Shakira, or as her close-knit circle fondly calls her, 'Kay,' 'Kaygoat,' or simply 'Shak.' She's a Louisiana native through and through, and what she does is nothing short of incredible. She wears multiple hats as an artist, influencer, Realtor, entrepreneur, college student, and author, but here's the real magic: she absolutely adores every role she plays. With over two years of real estate experience, she's ignited the dreams of thousands, helping them embark on their own real estate journeys, and has rocked the sales world with transactions worth millions. Not to mention, she's a true superstar in the digital realm, commanding a loyal following of over 300K. Shakira's journey reached dazzling heights when she was featured in Fortune Magazine. Her life is a testament to the idea that when you're passionate about what you do, every day is a work of art in progress.